Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It Looked Like Spilt Milk - FREEBIE!

If you do not read this book when studying weather with your class, you need to start!  They will love it.  There are so many activities you can do with this book.  Inspired by a similar activity, I created a flip book to accompany this story.  I went ahead and folded my students' flip books for them because...well, you can imagine why...
The lesson went a little like this:
 We revisited the types of clouds we had learned about earlier in the week.  I pulled out the power point I made on clouds and we reviewed a few of the slides. {If you need a cloud power point, you can get mine from TpT by clicking on the cloud below}
 We read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw, making predictions and confirming them along the way.  Then we began our flip books.  As I said, I had already folded them, but it only takes about 7 minutes to fold 15.  

The students came up with 2 new ideas of what clouds can look like and wrote it on the appropriate blanks.  They cut out the text boxes, glued them in the correct sequence, and illustrated their story under the flaps.  You can get a copy of the text boxes by clicking below.

Other activities do do with the book are:
  • write a poem about clouds
  • a lesson on contractions
  • research who clouds form (there are great YouTube videos on this)
  • drop a drip of white paint in the middle of a blue piece of paper, fold, rub, unfold, write a story about the shape it made
  • creating different types of clouds with cottonballs
  • serving blue jello with a dollop of cool whip on top (sky & cloud)
    More delicious than educational, I guess!
  • shaving cream in a cup of water with a few drops of blue food coloring on top.  Mimics rain falling through clouds.
And MANY, MANY more....
Please post some of your great cloud ideas!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last week was all about fractions in math.  My team leader found the CUTEST fraction  activity on Pinterest.  The kids absolutely loved this.  They were allowed to choose 5 pompoms in three different colors.  They created their pattern and I came around with the hot glue gun.  Gave each kid a quick swipe of glue, they quickly stuck their poms to it and added details.  Later, I added a wiggly eye just for fun.  The kids then wrote the fractions for each color.  They were so cute I just HAD to display them!
After researching, I believe credit goes to The First Grade Parade Blog.
How cute is this??

I hate Times New Roman!

Well, I've figured out a few things since yesterday...I feel pretty confident about my computer skills, but blogging is a whole new world!  The one thing that is driving me crazy is not knowing how to change the font on my posts.  I am crazy about cute fonts, so this is killing me!!!!
If you have stumbled across this blog and you know how- HELP!!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Entering the blogging world is a scary thing...

At this moment, blogging is a mystery to me... 

 I am attempting to set up a teaching blog, but I have no idea what I'm doing! I do have great plans if I can ever get this going...Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned!!

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