Monday, June 11, 2012

Giveaway Winners & a Few Other Randoms

I am overwhelmed by the number of entries in 80 followers giveaway and how my number of followers have grown! I am over 100! Believe me, when I hit one hundred, I was celebrating!  That is so exciting! I just hope I can keep you all entertained enough to keep you with me! I am having a super hard time coming up with an original idea to celebrate 100 followers, so it may be another giveaway...More to come on that tomorrow, so come back on Tuesday!!

Now for our winners from the 80's giveaway!  I have to say, I LOVED the comments on what your favorite memory from the 80's was.  If you haven't read them, you really should.
The Limited Edition 80's Glam Sharpies are going to: Michelle from Just Wild About Teaching
Just Wild About Teaching

The $8 Starbucks card goes to: Ashlee from Sweet Seconds  

Head on over and congratulate both of these bloggers!  Sweet Seconds is a new blog on the block so let's show her some love!

Now, on to my other randoms.  I have found another linky party that I love and have to join!  It's from April at
Have you seen the ecards all over Pinterest and Facebook?
That's the linky!  Click her button to link up!

Last random thing of the post-
Last night after dinner, my daughter asked if we had anything for dessert.  I told her to look in the pantry.  Here's what she found: a bag of marshmallows, a box of Holiday cake mix, and a box of Rice Krispies with only the cereal dust left in the bag.  So we were stuck.  No icing for the cake, no Rice Krispies for the marshmallows.  But, suddenly I had a flashback to some cookies my great grandmother used to make.  The recipe was only cake mix, oil, and eggs.  I couldn't remember the proportions so I Googled cake mix cookies and found a recipe from Duncan Hines.  
Box of cake mix, 1/2 cup of oil, and 2 eggs

Mix it

Roll 'em out and bake at 350 for 10 mins
(Don't worry, even though  this cake mix was from Christmas, it didn't expire until March 2013!)

So the next time you have cake mix, but no icing, now you know what to do! You're welcome!

Maybe my next post will be related to education... :)


  1. Oh my word!!! I'm sure I almost woke up my kids laughing out loud at those cards! After I linked up, I shared even more on my FB page! I don't care how many times I see them...they STILL crack me up!!! Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your cute blog growing!

    A+ Firsties

    1. Thanks! I'll have to find your Facebook page and check those out, I LOVE these things! Your new ABC rainbow packet is precious!

  2. Dana, I LOVE ecards! They just crack me up! How did you contact Jena about your blog design? Is she interested in taking on new jobs? When you do your giveaway I'd be happy to join in and give something away for you too! If that's the way you want to go with your prize :)

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  3. Awesome! I may just do that. I'll be in touch...

  4. Thanks for all the fun and followers, Dana! It was a hoot having a giveaway with you!!

    Owl Things First

    1. Yes it was!! I think we both drew the same winner for the Starbucks card! Luck duck!

  5. Thanks for linking up!! I too love those cards. I laugh out loud every time I read one.



  6. LOL!!! Love the cards...especially the Taco Bell and the Face wash ones!!! Talk about TRUE!!! lol


    1. The facewash one cracks me up every time!

  7. I had to laugh at your cards, you got some good ones! I especially like the face wash and liquor store ones! Thanks for the tip about cake mix cookies, my daughter loves cooking so I will have her try these! I'm your newest follower!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten
    I'm having a giveaway! Check it out at:

    1. You are almost at 400! I was #399 :) I love the hot rock idea. Looks like a lot of fun and a little science thrown in!

  8. Thanks for sharing the cards and the cookie recipe! It's always fun to be searching blogs for school ideas and get a little extra goodness! Come follow my First Grade blog at Keeping Up With First Grade


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