Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A peek inside my classroom!

I am linking up with Teaching Blog Addict for their Open House Week.  You can join the fun by linking up, or just reading the many, many blog posts that you will find here.  Just click the picture below! 

I am going up with a few linkys to give you a glimpse into my 2nd home.  Sad to say, but during the week, I spend more time at school than home so I try to make it as happy as possible!  Here is a view-

The chair pockets are AWESOME for holding math manipulatives.  It solves the problem of little hands playing with cubes and counters inside their desks

I couldn’t find enough wall space for my word wall, so I attached magnets and popped it on the AC unit!  Works beautifully!  These letters were in a set created by Clutter Free Classroom and are in her Bright and Cheerful Polka Dot Theme Set.  The large green bordered area on the right and the Scoreboard on the board with smilies and frownies are part of Whole Brain Teaching. 

This black Target bookshelf holds our book boxes for Daily 5 and doubles as an easel for my charts.  Two 3M hooks solved my problem of not having a place to display it.  The book boxes came form the Target Dollar bin and have cassette tapes all over them.  Not by choice.  when you need 15 f something, you are limited.  It cracks me up, because I feel sure that most my kids don’t know what a tape is!  My chair came from my grandparents house after they both passed away, so every time I sit in it, I think of them! :)
While a lot of teachers are ditching their desks, mine has grown!  It’s huge, but I love it because I can put my computer on it and still have room for all my other crap stuff.  If you like the posters on the front of my desk with addition and subtraction words, check out Mrs. Wheeler’s TpT Store, they are free!
I created this clip chart for my 1st grade team after being inspired by all of the others I saw on bogs and Pinterest.  This one is in line with our school wide discipline policy.  Hanging next to it, is our behavior clipboard.  I take it everywhere we go.  If you’d like a copy of the form we use, click {HERE}.  My favorite item in this picture is my green pencil sharpener.  If you don’t have one of these baby’s and wonder why you should, click {HERE} and you will be swayed!
This is a close up of one of my pods to show you what works for me.  A desk on the end holds a basket full of supplies and a tray to turn work into.  The basket houses dry erase markers, clocks, Germ-X, a sand timer, extra erasers, monthly journals, and magnifying glasses for science.  I also have 2 cups for pencils.  One labeled Sharp, the other Sharpen Please. You can get those labels {HERE} from Peace, Love, and Learning.  If you are interested in the journals I’ve made and we do each month, find them {HERE} in my TpT Store{HERE} is my post on putting the table baskets together.  The turn in tray prevents little bodies from getting out of their seats and cuts WAY down on the number of papers you have to sift through to figure out who left their name off their paper!  They also came form the Target dollar bin!  LOVE that place!!
This great craftivity came from Mrs. H at Once Upon a First Grade Adventure’s TpT Store.

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  1. Looks great! Very resourceful with the a/c! Thanks for the shout out! I've never seen anyone post any of my things hanging in their classroom, so it was fun to see my posters!!!!


    1. I love your posters! I was so happy when I found them!

  2. Would you like to come organize my room?

  3. Super cute!!! Love the extra desk holding supplies near each pod! I don't have room in my current space but will keep it in mind! Also, simple but brilliant...the 3M clips right on the front of the shelves! Cassette tapes...cracks me up, too!

  4. I love your classroom. It's adorable. Your desk is so organized....nothing like mine! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a great school year!


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