Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bulletin Board Photos for TBS Open House Week

Yes, I am extremely late linking up with Teaching Blog Addict's Open House linky.  Last Thursday was the day to post bulletin board photos.  Don't even ask why I didn't link up for Wednesday's Parent Handout Day...

So here are some of my bulletin boards-

In years past, I have created 5-6 rules with my students during the first day or 2 of school.  This year, I started using Whole Brain Teaching and decided to use their classroom rules.  They are working beautifully.  Each rule has a gesture that goes with it.  The students learn both.

Rule One: Follow directions quickly! (the gesture: make your hand shoot forward like a fish)

Rule Two: Raise your hand for permission to speak (the gesture: raise your hand, then pull it down next to your head and make a talking motion. This rule will be the most commonly violated. See below for how you stop this without criticism or negativity.)

Rule Three: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. (the gesture: raise your and, and then make a little walking figure with your index and middle finger.)

Rule Four: Make smart choices! (the gesture: tap one finger to your temple as you say each word.

Rule Five: Keep your dear teacher happy! (the gesture: hold up each thumb and index finger out like an “L” framing your face; bob your head back and forth with each word and smile really big!)

I bought these rules on TpT from Carrie’s Creations.  You can find them {HERE}.

This huge bulletin board is going to be the place I display student work all year.  I used scrapbook paper and cute clips from Michael’s. 

This is our Star Board.  The students activities for first thing each morning are listed on each star.  The right side is the Question of the Day.  Each day after morning work, students read the question and respond appropriately.  They each have a magnet with their name and they will place it under yes or no.  The questions are from Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies.  You can find them {HERE}.

My standards came from Deana Jump.  They are {HERE}.

This board holds my small group poster.  Each frog is attached with Velcro, so I can easily change my groups.  The How Do We Go Home? Posters you can barely see at the bottom are free from Sara at Smiling in Second Grade.  Get them {HERE}.  The neon clock labels are from Ginger Snaps.  Find them {HERE}.

I hope you found something that inspired you or a freebie you can’t wait to go and download!

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  1. Your bulletin boards are adorable! Thanks for the great ideas! I'm your newest follower.

    Tanya Rae...


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