Monday, September 3, 2012

Open House Week at TBA Meet the Teacher & September Currently

I am linking up with Teaching Blog Addict for their Open House Week.  You can join the fun by linking up, or just reading the many, many blog posts that you will find here.  Just click the picture below!
Open House Week

Day 1
Meet the Teacher:
My name is Dana and I teach 1st grade at a wonderful school in Tennessee.  I've been at this school for 7 years and I love the students, staff, and community!  On a personal note, I am the mother of 2 girls, 16 & 10.  I have my BS in Early Childhood Education and finished my Master's last year in Library Science.  I love the classroom, but aspire to be an elementary school librarian.  I started blogging at the end of April and have since, as many of you,  become addicted!  I love to read, shop, and drink Starbucks.  Most of my money goes to Target and Best Buy (I go through a LOT of printer ink & BB gives 10% off when you use your BB card! If you didn't know, now you do!)  

I am in my third year of teaching1st grade.  I've taught pre-school, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd.     
I have 11 years of teaching experience.  It seems like just yesterday that I walked in to my first classroom for the first has time flown!  I love teaching in small groups.  I began Daily 5 this year and I LOVE it.  I am also using Whole Brain Teaching for the first time.  If you'd like to read more about my experiences with WBT, click {HERE}.  I incorporate technology in my lessons at every opportunity.  A few years ago my school invested in projectors, screens, Elmos (doc cam), and Mobis.  These items have changed the way I teach!  I could never go back to the days of an overhead projector and whiteboard!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2- Classroom Photos!

I also linked with with Farley from Oh'Boy 4th Grade's Currently Linky.  I figured this would give you some more insight to this teacher!
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  1. I literally LOL when I read that you want more chewy sprees and need to stop eating them :)
    Where are your favorite places to get clip art?

    One Class, One Sound

    1. Currently my favorite places for clip art are: the 3am Teacher (fellow blogger), Scrappin' Doodles (link/ ad at the top of my blog), Digital Bake Shop, & Thistle Girl Designs.

  2. I;m from Tennessee too! I got a keurig coffeemaker for a wedding gift and have enjoyed it so much. Although it baffles my husband. I'm so glad to have found your blog.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Klass


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