Monday, September 3, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching in my Classroom #2 and Power Pix

Some of my followers have asked me to keep them updated on how Whole Brain Teaching was going in my classroom, so here is my 2nd installment.
I introduced all 5 rules, Class-Yes, Hands and Eyes, and the Scoreboard on the first day of school.  I was determined to fit it all in because I wanted everyone to know, right from the start, what our procedures and practices would be.  It went wonderfully!  The kids picked up on all of it and were very excited.  It is a surprise to most students to hear their teacher say TALK to your neighbor, rather than DON'T TALK to your neighbor!!  I have my wall ready to display Power Pix, but have yet to print them.  It is on my never ending to-do list..... I will SOON.  For those of you who are wondering, Power Pix are signs with key words (like setting, nouns, or antonyms) and a visual.  There are gestures that go with each one.  The students learn the word, see the illustration, practice the gesture, and of course, teach their neighbor!  The signs are then placed on the wall and stay all year.  That way they can be referred back to, "Remember when we learned about antonyms?" and the students can look at the wall, make the gesture and it all comes flooding back to the front of their little memories.  Most of the time, we teach key words one week and the next we move on to something new.  We may not mention that term again for awhile.  Usually, we have to spend a few minutes reteaching.  With Power Pix, the students are able to see, hear, say, and do- reaching all four learning modes.  Chris Biffle says, "When we see information, we employ the visual cortex near the rear of the brain; when we say and hear information, the language centers, Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area in the brain’s left hemisphere are active. When we engage in a physical learning activity we employ the motor cortex, our most reliable memory storage area, located in a band across the top, center of the brain."  See, Whole Brain Teaching!  It is also suggested that you divide the area you place the pictures by color.  In my classroom I use blue for math and green for reading and language arts.  
Now your thinking, "Great, something else I have to make, Power Pix..." NOPE!  They are done for you!  You can download a free ebook from Whole Brain Teaching.  They are for K-3 Common Core, but many can be used in other grade levels.  I have also found them by a blogger named Scrapbunny.  Get to her WBT blog {HERE}.  There is also a discussion forum on the WBT website where you can find lots of information, ask questions, and get answers.  

If you use Power Pix, I'd LOVE to hear how it goes in your classroom!


  1. I use Class-yes. I sing it. They sing back. It works amazingly well.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I can't wait to I see some more pics of your power pix. I need to check them out.


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