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New Teacher Blog Tuesday, I mean, Saturday...

Have you ever had a blog post that you wrote and scheduled to post (at least you thought you did) and then it disappeared?! Well, that’s what happened to me!  I got this post all ready and set to post on this past Tuesday and here it is Saturday and I just realized it never did!  I have no idea where it went, but I owe a big I’m sorry to Stephanie and Judith!!  Without further ado, here it is!

Our first blogger is Stephanie from  
1.             Name of blog and link:
It took me a LONG time to think of a cute name for my blog, after much deliberating and worrying about how it would be received/perceived I decided on MaMa Goose’s KinderGarden
And in case you are wondering I am super happy with my blog title and loving every minute of blogging!

2.           Why did you start blogging?
June 24, 2012

3.            Tell us a little about your teaching background.
In 2005 I graduated with my MAT and began working as an Intervention Assistant for a school on Long Island. My first year I worked with 3 different 1st grade classes pushing in to work with at risk students. My second year I worked as a one-on-one for a 1st grade student diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum. After 2 years at that school I was offered a full time Kindergarten position at a school with the New York City Department of Education. My first two years I had a small classroom and only 12-15 Kindergarteners (which was perfect!) My room was renovated and my third year I had a full sized kindergarten class in my new full-sized classroom. My fourth and fifth years I co-taught, my room was transformed into the ICT/CCT classroom. I am now beginning my 6th year at my school and I will continue to teach Kindergarten. This year I will be moving to a new room and going back to teaching by myself. I am looking forward to trying all the great activites, lessons and management ideas I have picked up from all the wonderful teacher bloggers out there! 

4.             What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
The soundtrack to my life is a large mix of various genres from country to classical to rock and roll! My top hits are: Keith Urban’s Making Memories of Us (my wedding song 6 years this summer), Tim McGraws My Best Friend, Jimmy Buffetts Brown Eyed Girl, Journeys Dont Stop Believin (cause everything and anything is possible), The Monkees’ I’m a Believer, Shaggy’s Angel (a blast from my past when my hubby and I started dating), every Bon Jovi song out there and finally for my little one Katy Perry especially the song she sings with Elmo! My little one lights up and dances and sings her heart out when Katy Perry is on!!

5.           What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
The hardest thing I have done so far is go back to work after having my little girl! I’ve done many adventourous things in my life white water rafting, camping, traveling with an infant but honestly, the beginning of the school year is probably the hardest thing for me. I have such excitement about meeting my new students and getting the year started but such sadness knowing I will be away from my little girl all day!

6.           What’s your favorite TV show?
One?!?!? I don’t have just one I watch lots of drama shows: both versions of NCIS, all the Law & Order shows, Cake Boss, Army Wives, Grays Anatomy, and so many more. Now don’t think I spend ALL my evenings infront of the TV actually I DVR a million shows and then watch them randomly over vacations and when I have free time.

7.           Are you a Times New Roman or DJ Inkers kind of girl and why?
Now this is a fun question! If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said Times New Roman (or any other standard font/graphics) BUT now that I’ve found the blogging world. Oh the possibilities are endless I cant just pick one! I love so many different companies graphics and fonts and I’m having fun exploring and finding new ones! I also used to like everything to match and be completely uniform and am beginning to explore the endless possibilities of mixing and matching fonts and graphics!

8.          Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?
30 ~ I know I can’t believe it either!

9.           What was the last book you read?
Don’t laugh Sisterhood Everlasting. Its the 5th book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series which I read when they first came out. I enjoy reading teen books, they are fun and light hearted and quick reads (although this book was full of drama and sadness as well as happiness!) I’ve actually been a busy bee this summer reading as much as I can since I know once the fall comes I wont be able to read that much. I’ve read  Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven, the 50 Shades trilogy (yes I jumped on the band wagon), I read another teen trilogy by Wendy Mass. I cant think off hand what else I read but my next book is Until Tuesday which is a memoir!  

10.        What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
Cleaning the toilets! I absolutely HATE to clean the toilets in the house!

Now let’s meet Judith!
1.            Name of blog and link: Teaching with J  Would love to come up with some really snazzy, exciting blog name, but

2.           Why did you start blogging? After sitting on the sidelines for a few months stalking other blogs, the urge just took me to jump on in.  I was on the fence as to whether or not to do it there didnt seem to be many Aussie teachers blogging, so would I be accepted??? But the chance to connect with teachers from all over the globe from my study, wasnt going to be a chance to miss. And the knowledge I am absorbing is incredible. I am in awe of so many people I have never met, but share the passion of teaching with. Nearly positive half of you live in your classrooms how else do you get it all done???

3.            Tell us a little about your teaching background. Well, it started back in the 80’s and has covered Special Education, Preschool, and Primary teaching. I have the usual qualifications Dip Teaching, Bach Education, and a Grad Dip in Professional Development!!! Over the many, many years of teaching I have seen various programs come and go, and currently I am teaching in the first year of using the new Australian Curriculum. Cars change, governments change, but I just keep on teaching

4.             What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life? Well, songs and me don’t really kick-it. Rarely do you come across a lower school teacher who is tone deaf, but here I am. Trying to hold a note on key is painful (so I am told!). But, does that ever stop me???? No way. I love music that gets me up and moving no elevator music for me!

5.           What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Building our home from scratch, by hand, and teaching at the same time. Must have done something right as we are still living in it 20 odd years later! But currently are revamping the bathroomshard, no. Messy, yes!

6.           What’s your favorite TV show? Give me a good detective show with a twist to solve and I am a goner. I have no patience for soapies, though for a brief period of my life did get sucked in by The Bold and The Beautiful! Overall, not really a TV junkie at all loved the Olympic telecast and tried to watch as much as possible.

7.           Are you a Times New Roman or DJ Inkers kind of girl and why? Give me DJ Inkers over Times New Roman any day! TNR is dull, unimaginative and plain. DJI has a certain quirkiness to it that just captures your imagination when creating with it.

8.          Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? Really!!!! Are you meant to count all of them?????

9.           What was the last book you read? A Fitting End by Melissa Bourbon you have to be a sewing enthusiast who loves a good mystery to get this one!

10.        What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Cleaning the chicken coop (or as us Aussies say the Chook Coop) out. I am always paranoid of finding a snake in there never have, but you never know

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