Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Want a new way to brag on your students?

I recently discovered Brag Tags.  My students now think I am even more awesome.
You can win your own!  Keep reading!

These Brag Tags are from Boost Promotions.  Brag Tags are plastic laminated tags used to motivate and reward students.  Kids love to collect them and display on a custom lanyard, chain necklace, or on their backpack. These fun, durable tags come in a huge assortment of colorful designs and in a wide range of themes.  You will find designs that include perfect attendance, honor roll, accelerated reader, citizenship and much, much more.  If for some reason they do not have a Brag Tag to fill your needs, we can easily customize a Brag Tag for your classroom, school or organization. 
  There are SO many designs to choose from that I had a hard time picking my 4 tags.  I chose the above designs because they recognized different areas and I knew every child in my room would eventually earn one.  I decided that I would put them on my students' backpacks.  They love it!

The Teacher Kits are a HUGE hit. You can save 50% off our regular prices when you order our special Teacher Kits, and the best part is YOU get to select the from our stock designs and shapes, making the kit completely customizable to suite YOUR needs. Boost Promotions is always adding new tags to their collections, so each time you order a Teacher Kit, you are able to select from their ever-growing inventory.

In addition to our Brag Tags, they have several accessories, such as spirit tags and lanyards to help you promote school spirit and support positive achievements at a fraction of the cost you may expect.  Visit the website to learn more and to learn more about our other tags and programs, including the Spirit Pack which can be used to raise funds for your school and Brag Tag program.

The wonderful people at Boost Promotions have given me a chance to give away some of their Brag Tags!
The winner of my giveaway will win 100 tags and 100 chains.  The winner can pick up to 4 designs (25 each) with personalization free if they choose.

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  1. how fun! I entered!! I don't have twitter, but I got the rest of them. YAY! :)

    The {mis}adventures of first grade

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I know my kids would love these!

    1. Mine certainly do! They give each other a round of applause when someone gets one!

  3. Would love to win!!


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