Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beginning school can be scary...for parents!

I have a guest blogger today!  She is Sara and writes for  Sara is sharing some tips for parents who have children just starting school.

Let it Begin: The World is their Playground
Now that the babies are no longer babies, it is time to develop their minds to prepare them for the life ahead. It is a moment in every parent's life when they realize they themselves are getting older as the child takes his or her first steps to developing their own individuality and independence. Many parents cry as the child marches to the school with wondrous thoughts about what is going to be discovered. You've lost your little baby, but gained so much more.

1. Independence - Some parents have a hard time letting go of being needed by the child. Although the child isn't depending on you for diaper changes, feeding, or anything else of that nature he or she is still your little one. It just means your role is going to change slightly. The child is going to want to do more on his or her own. They are learning at an incredible rate and will no longer need your help in specific areas of their life. However, they will still need you in other ways. You are their guide and they will need your support throughout the next 12 years.

2. Sigh of Relief - Don't breathe that sigh of relief too heavily. They don't need you by their side 24/7 anymore, but they are still going to have problems that only you can solve. While they may insist on independence and doing things for themselves, there are many situations ahead that they may not know how to deal with. It is up to you to get to the heart of the matter and help them through troubled times. This doesn't mean you have to solve all of their problems, but they still need to know that you are there for them to share your knowledge and wisdom. Remember, what may be small potatoes to you could mean a great deal to your child. Don't discredit their needs, sadness, or frustrations. If they don't know how to handle it, the problems could escalate.

3. The Battles - There will always be a point where you want to step in and defend your child. No parent likes to see a child in pain or saddened due to the actions of peers. You must control that impulse to go on a spanking rampage, though. Guide your little one to making the right decisions about the situation and let them learn from their own mistakes. Keep in mind, this suggestion is based on common sense. If there is actual physical danger, then by all means - intervene. But if your daughter gets off of the bus crying because her so-called "friends" made fun of her favorite doll, it is up to you to console her and explain how people are mean for the sake of being mean. Others are so in order to gain approval from others. As long as she loves her doll that is all that really matters. No one can dictate what you should and shouldn't like.

Throughout the child's elementary grade levels, there will be many changes to how you operate the household. There are things that you once took for granted now have to be changed. The child is going to gather input from teachers and friends and it is up to you to solidify that knowledge. It is time to help them become the person they are going to be later in life.

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Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of  Learn more about her

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