Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snowflakes in the spring? YES!

The last week in March, we started our weather unit.  We talked about a different severe weather each day. On the blizzard day, we made snowflakes.  The cool thing was- it had snowed (flurried) the day before!  This is Tennessee.  We have the weirdest weather.  The day before those snow flurries, it was probably 70 degrees and sunny.  It's true what they say- don't like the weather here? Wait 5 minutes.
My inspiration for the snowflakes was this Pinterest pin-
To make these you need 
*Boiling water
*These directions call for blue food coloring, but I skipped that step.
So, boiling water is hard to come by in the classroom so I just microwaved a container of water for about 5 minutes.  SEVERAL times.  This took forever.  Needless to say, the kids were working on a close reading activity on blizzards while I was cooking!  The proper directions call for 3 tablespoons of Borax to every cup of water.  My proportions were waaaayyyy off, but as you'll see, they worked!

No matter how much they begged, mean Ms. Lester wouldn't help them bend the pipe cleaners... 

This was interesting because I used cups I had on hand and they weren't big enough to really hold the snowflake... Martha (as in Stewart) says to suspend the snowflakes in a container large enough to hold the snowflake...well Martha, 

But they still turned out great!


This one got a little overdone, but still pretty cool!

I'll say this Pinterest project was a success, despite the fact that I altered every direction...HA!
Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!


  1. Very cute! And, I have to say I literally laughed out loud at your "Well, Martha...." I read her stuff and think that exact phrase (or something close) every time. :) Love the snowflakes!

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Haha! Martha is just a little over the top sometimes! :)

  2. Still laughing out loud at your "Ain't nobody got time for that" reference :) Those turned out great!

  3. Those snowflakes are great! Thanks so much for sharing the idea and the finished products.

    Granny Goes to School

    1. Thank you! The kids certainly loved them.

  4. This seems like great fun and something I would LOVE to try with my kids. Down to the funny comments and all!

  5. The weather is pretty much the same here in Kentucky. Wednesday it was almost 90 degrees and Friday the low was 36. Those snowflakes are pretty cool. I will have to try making those with my kids.

  6. my kids made these also. They really enjoyed making these.

    1. The question is- did YOU enjoy them?? haha

  7. Fun idea! Perfect for my 3yo. I'll have to put this on our rainy day to-do list!


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