Sunday, June 9, 2013

My 1st Donor's Choose Project is Posted!

Guess what, guess what, guess what?!?!

I submitted a Donor's Choose project a few days ago and they approved it!!!'
For the next 7 days, when the code INSPIRE is entered at donation time- DC will match that donation!
What do I wanted funded, you're asking?  As you probably know by now, I will be my school's librarian next year. As a librarian, I want to provide all my students with quality literature. I would like a school wide subscription to Speakaboos is a computer program with books, songs, activities,  and more. The site has limited access, 10 stories free, but I want my kids to have access to all the goodies!
Click {HERE} for the link!

Check it out- Tweet it, Facebook it, share it anyway you want! I'd be so grateful!!  Thanks!

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  1. You have put it in my head to go and see what exactly Speakabooks is! I love learning about something "new to me" and this is one of them! And librarians are special people... I'm sure you will be wonderful at it!

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