Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

This is my first time to link up with Fab-u-lous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord!  You'll soon see that this post really is filled with bits of this and that.

I am currently about to start my third week of conducting CCSS ELA training for 1st grade teachers.  I've had to travel every Sunday to Knoxville, Tennessee (about 3 hours from my home) and home every Thursday night.  I have a different group each week.  You can read more about that {HERE}, if you'd like. I am getting a little tired of living in hotels... I'll be glad when I am back home for good!

I am moving from first grade teacher to librarian this year, so in between all of the traveling, I am constantly on the look out for inspiration for the decor.  The library hasn't changed in years.  SO MANY YEARS.  So I am changing EVERYTHING.  Here are some before pictures-

This is one tiny glimpse into the changes I am making-

Luckily, my Knoxville hotel is right across the street from Super Target, Hobby Lobby, and Garden Ridge.  I've logged quite a few hours there looking for inspiration.  I snapped pictures of everything I like!

There are so many awesome colors and patterns- it's so hard to choose!!

Saturday was my nieces' 10th birthday.  The party was cowboy themed.  Here's a look-

*If you'd like to know more abou the venue, click any picture above.*

I found Cosmopolitan flavored yogurt last's delicious!

Leap Frog recently sent me a few of their products to review.  I am constantly amazed at how "smart" these products are!  I am loving them!

My last random thought- did you know I feature new bloggers every Tuesday?  Stop by on Tuesday to meet them and pick up their freebies!

So that's enough random for one post!  Hop on over to Fabulous in First if you didn't get your random fix here!

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  1. That birthday party was amazing! Wow! Your library changes look to be wonderful. I love decorating my room every year and hate to go to all the meetings that interrupt my creativity! HA! Fun post! Thank you!


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