Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Teacher Blog Tuesday & Freebies

Happy Tuesday!
Each Tuesday, I feature new bloggers and they share some freebies with you!  If you would like to be featured, email me at dml8609@gmail.com.

Our first blogger is Kayla from

1.        Name of blog and link:

2.       Tell us about your blog and why you started it.
I started my blog in 2012 because I saw so many teachers that were sharing ideas with each other via blogging. I knew I wanted to make a blog first for my parents of kids in my class, but also to share ideas with teachers everywhere! It has turned into just that, a place for other teachers to get ideas, and a place for parents to keep updated. My teacher blog has changed how I communicate with parents (for the better!!). My classroom theme is Mrs. Delzer’s Top Dogs, so everything I do revolves around dogs. I have added polka dots and chevron this year, too! J

3.        Tell us a little about your teaching background.
I am about to begin my sixth year of teaching second grade in Minnesota. I have 18 credits done with my Master’s Degree from UND, and I will graduate in August of 2014. Whoot whoot! I grew up in a house of teachers. My dad was a 5-12 music teacher, and my mom still teaches Kindergarten!

4.        What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
Hmmmm… this is a tough one!  I would have to say Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield and Good Life by One Republic. I feel like my life could go so many directions, and only God knows his plan for me. The song Unwritten reminds me of just that. I also love Good Life because it reminds me of how good my life is, and how blessed I am!

5.       What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
The hardest thing I’ve ever done probably is moving to Minnesota when I knew nobody! I only communicated with my principal after I accepted the job, and I picked up my life to move here by myself. It was such a good choice, and I have made many friends after living here. The first year was definitely the hardest, but I think it made me a more independent, stronger person!

6.      What’s your favorite TV show?
I am a reality TV junkie, but I love Castle! It’s on Monday nights and I look forward to it every week! My favorite reality show has to be The Bachelor and The Bachelorette! J

7.      What is your favorite item of clothing and why?
I love my chevron dresses! It started as one black and white dress (which is probably still my favorite), and I now have probably 5 in different colors and styles! I love wearing them to school or when I go out! They are dressy and so cute! I can wear them with sandals in the summer or boots and leggings in the winter! Who doesn’t love chevron?

8.      Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?
I turned 28 years old in March! Only two more years to go until I hit the big 3-0! J

9.       What was the last book you read? What are you going to read next?
I just finished reading the CAFÉ book again to review for the upcoming year. Up next: The Daily Five! I’ve read them both twice already in my career but I like to review them each summer to refresh my memory!

10.      What was the last thing that you ate that you really shouldn’t of?
I love all desserts and sweet foods! Reese’s are my weakness. I joke that my students know me so well I don’t get apples for gifts, I get Reese’s! My husband doesn’t like peanut butter at all, so when I make a pan of Scotcheroos (peanut butter rice crispies with butterscotch and chocolate frosting) I eat the whole thing by myself. I just ate a whole row for breakfast! I know that’s bad!!!!

11.        Give us some links- Twitter, Pinterest, Teacher’s Pay Teachers, Facebook, a free teaching item etc.

Twitter - @Mrs Delz, @TweetingTopDogs
Pinterest – pinterest.com/kdelz
Instagram - @topdogteaching

Polka Dot CAFÉ posters freebie on TPT - http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Polka-Dot-CAFE-Posters-795673

Our second blogger is Susan from

1.         Name of blog and link:  My teacher blog’s name is Happiness is watermelon shaped in third grade:  http://www.pinkwatermelons.blogspot.com/

I also do a “for fun” blog in which my dog is the blogger, and she also offers social skills lessons:  Gabi the Dog Has a Blog:  http://www.gabithedog.blogspot.com/ 

2.   Tell us about your blog and why you started it.  I have been reading other teacher blogs for a very long time, and I wanted to start my own blog as a way to share with parents, my students and other teachers what we’re doing in class.  I started the dog blog so that I could practice my blogging skills.

3.   Tell us a little about your teaching background.  I’m a career changing teacher.   Before I had children, I worked in the mortgage department of the Bank of New England.  Then I had 3 children and was extremely lucky to stay home full-time for several years.  When my youngest was a year and a half, I started taking classes toward my M.Ed.  I student taught 4th grade, and the following year I started as a World Language teacher for elementary students.  I did this job for four years until I became a 3rd grade teacher:  this year will be the start of my 12th year teaching 3rd grade.

4.   What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?  Some of my favorite songs include:  “Everyone knows I’m in over my head” by the Fray; “Babylon” by David Gray and “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.

5.  What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?  Staying home full-time with 3 young children was the hardest and the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  It really gives you a different perspective on life when you are totally responsible for the health and well-being of your own children.
Here are my 3 children (from left to right):
Derek – 22 yrs./Bethany -  24yrs./Andrew – 20 yrs.

6.  What’s your favorite TV show?  I love Homeland because it’s very well-acted and suspenseful, and Claire Danes is an amazing actress.

7.  What is your favorite item of clothing and why?   I totally love wearing my peach colored Lands End fleece jacket with
my matching peach baseball cap.

8.  Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake?  Alas, at my next birthday in October, there will be 53 candles.

9.   What was the last book you read? What are you going to read next?
 Right now I’m reading The Soldier’s Wife by Joanna Trollope and Catching Readers Before They Fall by Pat Johnson and Katie Keier.  Next I will be reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffrenbaugh and Teach Like A Pirate.

10. What was the last thing that you ate that you really shouldn’t of?
Eating a vast amount of chips and salsa at the “On the Border” restaurant was not one of my best choices.

11.     Give us some links- Twitter, Pinterest, Teacher’s Pay Teachers, Facebook, a free teaching item etc.
Here’s the link to my TPT store where everything is free:  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Susan-Krevat
Also, if you have a Promethean Planet interactive whiteboard, check out some of my flipcharts:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Hospital for Books? Yep!

Yep, my library has a hospital.  A book hospital.  

I got the idea from the book The Shelf Elf by Jackie Mims Hopkins.  It's a cute little book, perfect for librarians, about an elf who helps keep the books straight and protected in the library.  He is looking for good boys and girls who will help him earn the Golden Shelf Elf Award.  This is a cute, rhyming book that teaches book care and library behavior.  I read it with pre-K up to 3rd grade.  They all loved it.  

You can get it on Amazon for under $10 by clicking the image above.  I even have the little guy, Skoob, to go with it!  
Jackie has also written a companion book, The Shelf Elf Helps Out to teach the Dewey Decimal System.  A must for any librarian!

Click {HERE} to download my Book Hospital sign from above.  The graphics are from Thistle Girl Designs and Creative Clips.  The font is my favorite of the moment, Architect's Daughter, from Dafont.

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