Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Hospital for Books? Yep!

Yep, my library has a hospital.  A book hospital.  

I got the idea from the book The Shelf Elf by Jackie Mims Hopkins.  It's a cute little book, perfect for librarians, about an elf who helps keep the books straight and protected in the library.  He is looking for good boys and girls who will help him earn the Golden Shelf Elf Award.  This is a cute, rhyming book that teaches book care and library behavior.  I read it with pre-K up to 3rd grade.  They all loved it.  

You can get it on Amazon for under $10 by clicking the image above.  I even have the little guy, Skoob, to go with it!  
Jackie has also written a companion book, The Shelf Elf Helps Out to teach the Dewey Decimal System.  A must for any librarian!

Click {HERE} to download my Book Hospital sign from above.  The graphics are from Thistle Girl Designs and Creative Clips.  The font is my favorite of the moment, Architect's Daughter, from Dafont.


  1. where did you get the Skoob doll?

  2. So, I checked with the author via email. And she wrote that the dolls are no longer available, but to feel free to make my own Skoob. I am a little sad, but I will find an alternative.

  3. Oh wow. I had no idea you couldn't order them. Mine came with my library. I don't know how the previous librarian got him. I'm sad for you! I will definitely take good care of my little guy now that I know he's a rare find!


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