Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday Made It {no-sew curtains!}

I am not a sewer.  Is that even a word?  I even despise sewing on buttons!  So, when I moved into my library and realized I had 8 windows to cover.  I panicked.  I knew I would never find curtains that would fit my square windows in a fabric I liked, so I set out on a hunt for fabric and fabric bond.  I found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby and picked up several rolls of Stitch Witchery.  This stuff is your new best friend if you can't sew, but need things to look like you did!
My cute fabric! 
My new best friend

These were my edges.

You have to made a pocket for the tension rod.

With just a little measuring, ironing, cursing, and coffee- you too can have beautiful curtains without ever picking up a needle and thread!
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