Monday, September 2, 2013

New Finds for Every Teacher!

Every good library has policies and procedures.   How can you find these policies and procedures?  Well, if you are in my library looking for them, they are so easy to find because I used some awesome Avery products to organize mine. recently sent me several Avery products to try and share my thoughs on.  First of all, who doesn't love Avery products?  When I found out I was getting a whole box of Avery products, I was estatic!    
The dividers came 8 to a pack and are very sturdy, with reinforced holes and tabs.  

Through, I found the template for these dividers and easily printed my information on the table of contents page.

Then I put them into place and I have an awesome policy notebook! The best part is, these Avery dividers only cost $2.72 from!

This Presentation View Binder is perfect for the dividers.  I loved that I could slide my cover into the front pocket and it looks great!

Have you ever used round labels?? I hadn't before now.  They are adorable!  Once again, I used a template from for the design {although, you can design your own}.  The templates open in Word, so they are easy to adjust to your liking.  I started a Birthday Book Club for my students and made these stickers to give them as they join.  They have a great glossy finish and were easy to print on with my ink jet printer.  Click {HERE} or the image to see them at

I am still designing a brochure for my library with these awesome Avery Tri-fold Brochures with Tear-Away Cards from  Each section is scored for easy folding and the tear-away cards are perforated so they tear off very smoothly.  Think of all the classroom uses for these!  Free homework passes, behavior passes, informational brochures for parents with your contact information on the cards, etc!

 Never buy gift labels again with these cool Printable Tags with Strings from Avery!  Print whatever you want on these tags, tear them out, use the enclosed strings and attach to your gifts!  Couldn't get easier than this.  The strings will definitely hold up because the ends are coated in plastic to prevent raveling.  With 96 tags in this pack, you won't run out any time soon!

I designed my Birthday Book Club stickers and Table of Contents dividers on my laptop while using this handy Fellowes Labtop Riser  from

This laptop riser is even comfortable in your lap!  It has plenty of room under it to allow for air circulation.  It's lightweight and small, so it doesn't take up much desk space.  Click {HERE} or the images to see it at also sent me a Fellowes Document Lift with a Dry Erase Surface.  This product is great because I am STILL thinking of new and different ways to use it!


I can use it as a clipboard on the stand or off.  I can use it as a sign.  Lately, I have been using the two pieces separately.  Each class brings with them a behavior clipboard and I have been putting it in the stand.  

If these products inspired you or gave you any great ideas, please share them in the comments below!

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