Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fiction & Informational Texts with The Little Red Hen

It was all about the Little Red Hen this week in my library.  Kindergarten through 5th grade got a dose of this awesome folk tale.  I have always been surprised, and a little disappointed, at the ending where she doesn't share her tasty pastry and gobbles it down right in front of everyone.  Thank goodness for variations!
My preschoolers colored farm animals after listening to The Little Red Hen.  I used them to decorate my barn.

With my K through 2 friends, we read 2 versions of the story-1 from my library, the second from Hameray Publishing.  I really like the Hameray book, because at the end everyone helps clean up, the hen shares, and they have a party!
We read the two books and discussed the difference in them.  Then, I made a large Venn Diagram on the carpet using hula hoops.  Students sorted the picture cards, that you can find {HERE} for free.

Taught some new vocabulary words...

With my 3rd and 4th graders, I read Cook-a Doodle-Doo by Janet Stevens (CUTE BOOK!)  and The Little Red Hen.  Students found similarities and differences and filled in their own diagrams.

Click image to download all my LRH graphic organizers!

I also read Cook-a-Doode-Doo to my 5th graders and then shared some nonfiction books and texts on bread.  I printed several bakery menus and a list of types of breads and their descriptions.
After a discussion on bread, I put students into groups to create their own bakery menus.  They had to come up a bakery name, products, prices, etc.  We worked on these for 2 class periods and they turned out really cute!  Some groups really had their creative juices flowing!

As a thank you for stopping by my blog today,  I am going to give you all my graphic organizers, color sheet, and sentences to sequence!  Just click {HERE} to download from Google Drive!
I hit so many CCSS with these activities!  Answering questions, sequencing, diving into informational texts, just to name a few!  I recently wrote a blog post on incorporating speaking and listening standards and The Little Red Hen {HERE}.  
I love it when I am able to have a common theme with all my classes.  It's so fun!

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