Monday, December 23, 2013

5 websites every math teacher should bookmark!

Here are 5 awesome websites that will help you teach the 
Common Core State Standards and 
Mathematical Practice Standards in your classroom.

1.  Inside Mathematics- Resources are aligned to Common Core, videos of math lessons in almost every grade level, leveled problems of the month to be used school wide (cool idea!), and math tasks divided by grade and mathematical progression.

2.  Mathematics Assessment Project- Math tasks for middle & high school (search by standard) and professional development modules.

3.  Illustrative Mathematics- Math tasks searchable by grade level, explanation and task for each standards, and great explanations of the math practice standards.

4.  TNCore- Standards and shifts, curricular resources, and so many more Common Core resources.

And my favorite.....................................

5.  K-5 Math Teaching Resources- Math tasks, activities, and tasks for read alouds by each grade level. E-books on math journals, math projects, and vocabulary, and examples of anchor charts.

I hope these websites are helpful in your classroom.  Please share ones you use in the comments!

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  1. I love the common core video lessons on Learn Zillion! I use them very frequently with my third grade class.


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