Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thirteen in 13! {linky party}

I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher, and Dragonflies in First for this fun end of the year linky!

My scarf collection has grown this year-I love them all!

We are die hard Walking Dead fan, but once we started Breaking Bad, Walt stole our heart.

A local authentic Mexican restaurant, Carmen's. 

Kate Spade phone cover that looks like a library card!

I don't know if I have a favorite post, but this was a fairly recent and popular one.  I showed how I made some things in my library.

This one ends in a tie- I received Teacher of the Year in January and spoke at the SDE TN 1st Grade Conference in December.  Both major accomplishments in my book!

If you haven't seen the commercial you won't get it-

Best. Concert. Ever.

A goal I have for 2014 is to be more observant of the needs of people around me.  I sometimes tend to forget things that are important to others until it's too late.  I want to do a better job of making those I love feel important. 

You can link up with Thirteen in '13 by clicking the image below!


  1. Your scarves are great! I'm working on expanding my collection as well! You favorite picture made me laugh...my husband reading over my shoulder too! I found Angry Orchard cider this year as well and I love it - with a shot of Fireball whiskey in it, it's unbelievable!

    The Craft of Teaching

    1. I'm afraid the scarf pic is misleading...those aren't mine. I was to lazy to get up and go take a pic of mine so I borrowed one from Mr. Google. My apologizes! I'll have to try a shot of Fireball in my cider next time! Thanks!

  2. Your year looks amazing! I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad as well.

    Totally jelly of you seeing my dude, JT!


    1. I'm so sad the series is over! JT was completely amazing. If you get the chance to see him, you need to!

  3. I also love that phone case....if only I had an iPhone!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. I LOVE the phone cover!
    What a great goal. It can be hard to be observant of everyone's needs, since we spend so many time with groups of people. Good luck reaching your goal.



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