Monday, December 30, 2013

Three Must Have Products under $10

Shoplet has given me the opportunity to review 3 products, each under $10, that are great to have on hand.  This past weekend was the Nashville Blogger Meetup and we went to Gaylord's ICE! exhibit.  If you've never been to one of these, it is COLD.  The theme was Frosty the Snowman and it's so cold, they give you giant blur parkas to wear.  This is where I was able to put one of the products to the test.  I took my Clean Green Microfiber Smarter Dual Action Gloves so I could use my iPhone while I was wearing gloves.
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I am happy with the performance of the gloves.  They are lightweight, but warm.  They are not bulky and fit well.  I could also still use my touch screen phone and the screen was nice and clean afterwards! The only disappointing thing was, that was totally my fault, when I tore out the tag from inside one glove, the edge came unraveled.  Just use scissors!

The second product was something everyone should have laying around, because you just never know- a Furniture Touch Up Kit.  This kit is just under $10 and can be used on furniture, floors, cabinets, doors, basically anything wood!  The markers are to be used for scratches and the filler sticks fill in places where wood is missing  
See the nick in the wood?
After using the Touch Up Marker, it barely shows!
Something everyone needs!

The last product I was given to review is the Rolling Wrist Rest.  I tried it at school first, but my keyboard there has some extra plastic in front of the keys, so I had to really reach to get to the keys.  Then I tried it with my laptop and wow!  It made a huge difference in how my wrist felt even after just a few minutes.  The only complaint I have ever had with my MacBook is that the edge rubs my wrist while typing or using the mouse pad.  Not anymore!  I definitely recommend the wrist pad for laptop users.  The rollers move smooth and quickly.  The soft foam padding provides comfort and support.

Love it!
The next time you need office or home supplies keep Shoplet in mind!  They have hundreds of products like promotional products, promotional shirts, and office stationary.  


  1. So nice to meet you this weekend!! We are rockin' the parkas, aren't we! :) Hope to see you in Vegas this summer!!!

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