Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaching Punctuation for Expression & Comma Humor

I have a blog post over at Hameray Publishing on ways to teach students how to read fluently with regards to punctuation marks.  I've shared several activities and some resources.  I hope you'll read it then share ways you work on reading expression in your classroom!  Click {HERE} to visit the post.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's my birthday! Celebrate with me!

Ok, so it's really weird when you click on Google and it knows it's your birthday! 
This is what I saw when I opened a new tab this morning!

To celebrate, my TpT store is on sale today!  Click the image below-

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teaching with The Mitten by Jan Brett

This month, I've deigned lessons around a wonderful author and illustrator, Jan Brett.  Her books are amazing for so many reasons- the illustrations are so detailed, the stories are original, and she teaches some great vocabulary- to name a few!
We sequenced the animals as we read the story.

Students created a class book by choosing any animal they wanted to put in their mitten.

My pre-schoolers worked on letter recognition my matching the correct magnet tile to each animal.

Pre-school and kindergartens helped me come up with a list of what mittens can do, have, and are.  This was interesting!

After reading The Mitten and The Hat, my 2nd and 3rd graders compared and contrasted the two stories.  

Fifth graders read a bio taken from Jan Brett's website and listed facts about her life.

These students read about Jan Brett online.

These friends made a list of all the Jan Brett books we have in the library.

 Combined with mitten art the pre-schoolers painted in art class, the posters made great displays!
I made this display out of wrapping paper and 2 lids from copy paper boxes!

I used my Silhouette to cut these cute letters!

 This empty corner made a great place to spotlight authors!

Check out my Mitten activities on TpT.  Click the image below.

A little favor to ask- I was nominated for Teacher of the Month on the Boro Family website- I'd appreciate your votes until February 1st! Click {HERE} to vote.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

K-5 Winter Freebies

Need some great activities for winter?  Check out this video compiled by Flap Jack Educational Resources.  You'll find many great things for kindergarten through 5th grade!


Winter Vowels I Spy by Sarah Hankinson (0:24)
Winter Writing Pack with Blends by Aylin Claahsen (1:02)
Winter Number Cards & Grids by Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd (1:29)
How to Build a Snowman Sequencing by Dana Lester (2:04)
Ch, Sh, Th Word Sort by Amanda Zanchelli (2:21)
February Activities by Laura Candler (2:43)
Just or Unjust by Elementary Matters (3:29)
Winter Multiplication Task Cards by Amy Alvis (3:56)
Winter Olympics-Themed Fraction Match-Up by The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher (4:13)
Decimal Olympics by Wise Guys (4:41)
Writing Resolutions by Teresa Wilson (5:19)
2014 New Year's Mobile by Created by MrHughes  (5:40)
Snowflake Multiplication Smart Board Game by FlapJack (6:11)

Please follow these amazing teacher authors and leave positive feedback for any freebies you use! That is a big encouragement to us!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Informational Texts and Kindergarten Standards

Hey friends!  
I wrote a post over on Hameray Publishing's blog today and I'd love to get your thoughts on it!  The article on using informational texts with your kindergarteners.  I have some ideas that will meet several Common Core Language Standards.  I even have a freebie that will help your little ones with sight words, word order, and building complete sentences.  The freebie goes along with the book Horse by Lee Waters, but here's a little secret...............you don't actually have to own the book to use it!  
Go grab it and leave me your thoughts and feedback!!  

Click the image above to see the post!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nashville Blogger/Follower Meet Up!

What fun was had last weekend in Nashville! 
The bloggers were:
Misty and Christy-Teaching Times Two
The followers were:
Asha, Kristine, and Danielle
    We started the fun at Amerigo's on West End where we got to know each other over lunch and a drawing with fantastic prizes.  Greg from Smedley's Smorgasboard and Elizabeth from Kickin' it in Kindergarten planned this fun filled weekend and collected boxes and boxes of awesome prizes!  

One of the most special parts of the blogger meet up was meeting Stacy from Simpson's Superstars.

True story- Last school year, our classes were paired up by Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory in a pen pal exchange program.  Well, the only writing that ever happened between the two of us was Stacy and I emailing each other to say how sorry we were that our classes never wrote to each other!! 
So when I discovered {through Instagram} that my pen pal blogger buddy from Florida was going to be at lunch, I was so excited!

After Amerigo's, we met at Chuy's (yes, we ate again!) at Opry Mills.  Opry Mills is a huge outlet mall in Nashville.  In 2010, we had a flood like no other.  Parts of Nashville were underwater for days.  The mall was closed for almost two years.  It was unbelievable. 
Nashville, May 2010
So we ate at Chuy's where Kristy from Teaching Times 2 was our waiter's Vanna!  She and her sister Misty are so adorable.  They have a true Tennessee twang and share great tips for primary grades on their blog.

After dinner, we went to ICE! 
I think Kristy is also to thank for this group picture! :)

Ice slide! 

Poor little Stacy! Her Florida blood isn't used to Arctic air!
I can't wait until next year! Make plans to join us!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Currently

Happy 2014!!!
I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the January Currently.  You can join in the Currently fun by clicking {HERE}. Not sure how? She has tutorials!

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