Sunday, January 19, 2014

K-5 Winter Freebies

Need some great activities for winter?  Check out this video compiled by Flap Jack Educational Resources.  You'll find many great things for kindergarten through 5th grade!


Winter Vowels I Spy by Sarah Hankinson (0:24)
Winter Writing Pack with Blends by Aylin Claahsen (1:02)
Winter Number Cards & Grids by Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd (1:29)
How to Build a Snowman Sequencing by Dana Lester (2:04)
Ch, Sh, Th Word Sort by Amanda Zanchelli (2:21)
February Activities by Laura Candler (2:43)
Just or Unjust by Elementary Matters (3:29)
Winter Multiplication Task Cards by Amy Alvis (3:56)
Winter Olympics-Themed Fraction Match-Up by The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher (4:13)
Decimal Olympics by Wise Guys (4:41)
Writing Resolutions by Teresa Wilson (5:19)
2014 New Year's Mobile by Created by MrHughes  (5:40)
Snowflake Multiplication Smart Board Game by FlapJack (6:11)

Please follow these amazing teacher authors and leave positive feedback for any freebies you use! That is a big encouragement to us!

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