Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teaching Leaders of our Government

Wrap up President's Day week with a lesson on our government leaders!  Last year, I searched high and low for an activity to teach my 1st graders who our mayor, governor, and president as and what the government does, but I just couldn't find anything I liked so.......... I made my own!
In this 8 page mini booklet, students write in the president, governor, and mayor’s names on the provided blanks. I left some space in case you want to paste a picture of your state and city leaders. On one page, students write facts about the government and on the back cover, students will color in their country on the world map and place a dot on the location of their state on the United States outline. 
Here's the best part-
You can get this booklet free by paying with a Tweet!

Just click the image above and the booklet is yours until the free quota is met!
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