Monday, February 24, 2014

TNCore- A Great Common Core Resource

Core Coaches from Rutherford County School District
I am so proud to be part of the amazing work that is gone on in Tennessee for the past year!  I have served as an ELA Core Coach for 1st grade.  I have spent hours being trained on the ELA standards and best practices for each one.  Then, I spent many more hours training other first grade teachers around the state.  I have learned so much through this experience.  Every time I presented the information I learned a little more about how to teach and about myself as a teacher and presenter.  

The state of Tennessee set a goal last year to become the fastest improving state in the nation.  I'm proud to say that we did it!  On the NAEP results for 2013, Tennessee showed the largest academic growth.  You can see the announcement by Governor Haslam {here}.  

Tennessee has also put together an awesome website designed to help Tennessee teachers teach the Common Core State Standards.  Parts of this website are password protected because of copyright issues with some of the materials.  If you are a Tennessee teacher, you have full access to the site. Please email from your school email if you are a Tennessee educator in need of a password. If you are not a Tennessee teacher, you can still explore parts of the site, but not the password protected parts.  So, non-Tennessee peeps...I'm truly sorry about that... 

Non-Tennessee teachers- you can access the list of sites that take you out of the TNCore site and to other websites that TNCore has deemed worthy.  These links can be found by clicking the Mathematics or ELA tab then go to External Resources. 

Tennessee teachers- if you have not explored all TNCore has to offer, oh man, you are missing out! You can find information on the CCSS, PARRC, helpful resources for math and reading, all the materials from the summer trainings, and so much more!
Here are my favorite links under the Mathematics tab:
~Curricular Resources tab- instructional math tasks are available for each grade
~Training tab- the materials given out in the summer trainings are here
~External Resources tab- a list of websites that are very beneficial to math CCSS

Here are my favorite links under the ELA tab:
~Curricular Resources tab- ELA units & close reading tasks by grade bands {EXCELLENT!}
Summer training materials are also found under this tab.
~External Resources tab- links to other sites like Tim Shanahan's blog & the Common Core 
Classroom Project

Being an ELA person, I can't say enough about the ELA resources.  The reading units are very explicit in teacher and student directions and span approximately 10 days for each one.  My 1st grade teachers recently taught the Insects Unit and the students loved it!  If you have not explored this site, I highly recommend you do!  Feel free to share this post with all your teacher friends!

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