Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Day TpT Sale!

How about a sale?!?
TpT is having a special 2 day sale to celebrate hitting a huge milestone-3 million teachers!
Everything in my store is on sale and if you enter the code TPT3, you;ll save 28%!
So go now and fill your cart, like I've done, and you'll be ready to check out tomorrow!
And then do it all over again on Friday!

Here are some of my top sellers that you may interest you!
40 Compound Words
Multiple ways to play!
~Memory with the picture and word cards or Memory with the word cards that make the compound word
~Adjective/compound word practice worksheet
~Compound worksheet
~color and blackline masters included~

This booklet teaches student who runs their country, state, and local government. The students will write in the names of their country, state, and local government and write facts about them.

This activity pack is to be used with The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash. 

This pack includes writing prompts for the months of August through May, generic prompts for winter and spring (do not include any holiday references), and a rubric.

This packet is a bundle of my 5 long and short vowel activities. 
There are word and picture cards to sort for each vowel, as well as cut and paste handouts. Each vowel has approximately 10 pages. 
I have included black lines and color copies of picture cards.
A includes short a and long a spelled ai, ay, and a_e
E includes short e and long e spelled e, ee, and ea
I included short i and long i spelled i, y, and igh
O includes short o and long o spelled ow, oa, oe, and o_e
U includes short u and long u spelled u, u_e, and ue
You will save $$ if you buy this bundle rather than individual vowel packs!!

These are just a few of my best sellers! 
Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

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  1. Can't wait for the sale tomorrow! Hope you are well friend!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten


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