Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Calling All Sharpie Lovers!

When I found out Shoplet was sending me a Sharpie package to review for you guys, I was so excited. I mean, who doesn't love Sharpie?? If you answered, "Me, I don't love Sharpie" then you'll probably want to go read a different post of mine...Try the Dr. Seuss one, it's good.  If you love Sharpie like I do, continue on my friend!
 Do you love a good smooth writing pen that feels good in your hand? If yes, then boy do I have the pen for you...
Y'all, this pen is awesome.  It's the Sharpie Premium Pen.  It's current price is $6.13.  Worth. Every. Penny.

 When it runs out, you don't have to buy a new one, you just buy a refill!  I honestly can't say enough about this pen.  It's my new favorite of all time.  

I also received the Neon Permanent Markers.  These markers are so fun and bright.  They even glow under a blacklight!

 They even sent these cool white sunglasses! But when you've got brand new Neon Sharpies and white sunglasses....You have to decorate!!
Sending a shoutout to my little model, Abby! :)

Last but not least, I received a pack of Metallic Permanent Markers.  These were just as fun as the Neon!  I love how they look on black paper!

I can see these really coming in handy!

I loved all these markers.  They all wrote well-solid smooth lines.  It's everything you expect from Sharpie.


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