Monday, June 2, 2014

Pens, Pens, and more Pens!

I opened my most recent package from and there were pens galore! I was in pen heaven trying out all of the new BIC pens and markers!  Shoplet has tons of office supplies 
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These pens have a nice contoured grip, a medium point, and write very smoothly.  Best of all, the ink is a beautiful shade of pink!

This pen may be my favorite out of all of them.  The gel ink just glides across the paper and has a great grip.  The pen is very light and extremely smooth on the paper.

This is my second favorite.  It also writes very smooth and won't bleed through paper!  The tip is fine and perfect for writing very small!

These permanent markers are very viberant on paper and have a fine tip.  They mark on most surfaces including glass, metal, photos, coated papers, and damp surfaces. 

If you use a stylus for your devices, then this is for you!  This is such a smart idea! The stylus is great for tablets and smartphones and the pen writes very well on all types of paper.  The pen clicker is on the side and does not get in the way of holding the stylus pen!

If you need pens, you won't go wrong with any of these!

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