Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New office supplies just in time for back to school!

Just in time for back to school, I have some cool office supplies to share with you from Shoplet

The first is an awesome 3-in-1 Planner.  I like it because its magnetic, has a cork board area, and a space for notes next to the calendar.
The 3-1 Planner comes with everything you see here- a dry erase marker, a few thumbtacks, 3 magnets, and a clip on tray for the bottom of the board.  It's black, that's why you can't see it in the pic!
I love that there's a place to tack things, a section to write whatever, and a calendar.  This is going to be so handy in the library!

The second is a Tablet Stand.  The stand held my iPad & iPad Mini in their cases and out.  I was impressed, because my iPad has a very thick case and other stands I've tried didn't work with it in the case.  
This is my iPad on the stand, in its case.
 As you can see, the edge is notched so that you can still get to the button.
This is the iPad Mini.

This is a Storage Box that holds a TON of stuff.  Keep scrolling and you'll get a look inside and see for yourself!  It comes with 2 keys and is a beautiful shiny red.  Its steel walls are chip and scratch resistant.

The last product is a handy dandy Pen and Note Holder.  It holds whatever you want it to- notepad, mail, stationary, etc.  I love that the pen slots are the right size for Sharpies and BIC markers!

As you can see, Shoplet has some great stuff!  If you are in need of office supplies, office stationary, or even medical supplies-Shoplet is your place!

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