Monday, February 23, 2015

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Elementary Writing Resources

graphic by Ashley Hughes
Tennessee has the luckiest students in the country.  At least in my opinion, anyways.  I am so proud of the work our department of education has done to equip our teachers with resources and strategies for the classroom.  This work began several years ago when we adopted the Common Core Standards.  The state department trained teachers who wanted to work as "Core Coaches" and lead this massive, state-wide training.  It was a success and the work continued the following summer.  Then, the trainings evolved into a "school team training series" with the coaches training teachers who were designated as "learning leaders".  These Learning Leaders were charged with the task of taking their learning back to their school and presenting it to their peers.  I have been a part of the school team training series this school year and have loved it.  Empowering teachers to go back and share their learning has been awesome.  My Learning Leaders have been awesome.  The Department of Ed has been awesome.  My co-workers have been awesome. In case you're not sure, I totally believe in the work we are doing.  When Learning Leaders email you and ask if you'll be leading the training in the city they've registered for, because they want you again, guessed it, it's awesome.  So if you're a teacher in Tennessee, consider yourself blessed.  Your state department is working hard for you.  If you're not a Tennessee teacher, I'm sorry.  You're totally missing out and you should probably move here.

So on to the writing resources you came for... :)
One of our amazing 1st-2nd grade Core Coaches put together a Padlet with writing and math resources for you! 

I've shared the following Padlet with you before, but it's worth sharing again.

And another...

This Padlet was created specifically for 2nd grade teachers-

I've created several writing resources over the past few months and they can all be downloaded for free.  Just click the image.
Visual reminder for parts of a narrative story.
The next blog post has lots of writing resources as well.  You can scroll down, or click {HERE} to go straight to the post. 
Please share your writing resource links in the comments!
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