Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ship your Stuff with Avery!

When Shoplet asked me to review the following Avery labels, I couldn't say no.  Because they're Avery, of course.  The following opinions about these labels are honest and my own.

So, a few short months ago I started making vinyl designs for shirts.  I totally blame my friend Sue, because she showed me how fun it was.  Occasionally, I  ship a shirt to Arizona or Florida and I need a shipping label (because that beats standing in line at the post office!).  I Googled until I found out how to print postage paid labels at home, after buying a nifty little postage scale from Amazon.  Once I knew how to do it, I had to do it. I began using full sheet labels and wasting half of the page, because the label prints on one side and the receipt on the other.
Cue awesome Avery shipping labels...
The left side is the label and the right is just paper.  They are GREAT!

 Click the image to see them on Shoplet

The Brown Kraft label is cool because it can be printed on, blends in with the box, and doesn't allow old labels to show through.  These labels come two to a sheet.
Click the image above to view on Shoplet.

I also liked these Avery White Shipping Labels because they are 10 per sheet and have TrueBlock Technology.  As you can see, neither color or old labels show through them. 

Click the image above to see them on Shoplet

The Avery WeatherProof Labels were fun to test! While they can be printed on, I used a BIC marker to see if the ink would smear.  It didn't.  I also scrubbed it with a wet paper towel to see what would happen.  As you can clearly see below, the Avery label held up, but the original label on the box did not... New Balance, you may want to invest in these WeatherProof labels!

Click the image above to view them on Shoplet.

I will be using these Avery shipping labels from Shoplet to ship my shirts.
If you'd like to help me continue to test these labels against the elements and post office, order a shirt from me! ;)

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