Sunday, July 26, 2015

Viva Las Vegas:A TpT Conference Linky with Elementary Entourage

I could sum up my Vegas trip in word...AWESOME.  But if I did that, you wouldn't know why!
I only have about a million pictures, so to keep this post from going on and on, I put a lot if them in a Filpogram, so take 3 minutes and watch it!

I attended SDE's Differentiated Instruction and the Teacher's Pay Teacher's Conference.  There were so many great speakers and I came home with so much information!
Just some of the amazing people I met were (from L to R) Erin Klein {from Kleinspiration}, Meredith Lynn {from Write Brain Books}, Kimberly Geswein {KG Fonts},  and Kristin Oldham {from A Teeny Tiny Teacher}.
Angela Watson {from The Cornerstone} presented an amazing session on expanding your impact and expertise on TpT.  GoNoodle was in the exhibit hall and I met Taylor & Freckles and scored some cool swag.  Sessions were packed and so very informative.  Look for future blog posts on some of the sessions and companies who were in the exhibit hall!
Chris Pombonyo {Famous in First}, Kayla Delzer {Top Dog Teaching}, and Chad Boender {Male Kindergarten Teacher} are some of my new friends!!
All AMAZING people.
I was also excited to spend some time with my Nashville pals, Greg & Jason, AKA The Mister!  Jason is just a gem.  He is so supportive of Greg and is always there to help him succeed!
Chad and Jason were my zip lining partners on Fremont Street!  Despite how it looks, Chad is old enough to teach & drink, even though he was carded everywhere. LOL :)
Kayla just recorded a Tedx Talk in Fargo-can't wait to watch it!
I can't even tell you how awesome these people are!
Chis is hilarious and is dancing every time you turn around.
Not really sure what to say about Stacy, except that how much we are alike scares me a little... :)
Suz is a friend I met at the 1st Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up in Indiana.  She's just great.
I'm still convinced that All Y'all Need is made up of only Amy and Lisa, who are both just pure sunshine.  Hopefully, I will meet Laura one of these days!
Tracy and Michelle are friends that I feel like I've known forever, even though it's only been a few years.  Love both of them.
Jen Jones was on my list of people to meet in Vegas...CHECK! She is a delight!
I also got to have dinner with Amy Biddison, from Teaching in Blue Jeans.
We even zip-lined down Fremont Street!!  
While I wasn't exactly a winner at the casino (I quickly lost my winnings- a whopping $3.35), 
I was a winner when it comes to lifelong friends and crazy memories!
Can't wait 'til next year!!
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